If I Lost Like That I Might Do More Than Cry

Adam Morrison's Last Game
Adam Morrison's Last Game.

As I was reading sports betting messages boards after those amazing games alot of people wanted to laugh at Adam Morrison and JJ Redick for crying on national television after their team lost. Brilliant topics such as "CRYING FEST!!!! MORRISON AND REDDICK...WHICH IS MORE PATHETIC?!?" What's pathetic is the person who started that thread. What's wrong with crying in sports? Alot of athletes cry when they win. Tears of joy they say and it's always perfectly okay. Cry when you lose and you'll be called a baby. I have to completely disagree.

I felt for Adam Morrison. I know all he wants to do is win. Everyone saw the camera zoom in on his face once UCLA finally led in the game. Yeah he probably shouldn't have started to cry even though there was still time left in the game. That move has everyone baffled. Maybe he just knew at that time. When the buzzer sounded, he sat on the court, covered his face, and fell over. That says it all about how shocking that finish was.

That guy plays with heart and gives everything he has. He talks alot of trash, looks goofy but he backs it up with serious game. I bet he's still crying. He's only human. When you put your heart and soul into something for years to only have it end like that is terrible. He hates losing that bad. You want a player who's that competitive. To lose a game like that would make me speechless for days. I wouldn't leave the house. I wouldn't want to eat. At least we know he gives a shit and is not just thinking about the $$$ he'll be making next season. It's not a disgrace for crying on national television. It's a disgrace when you see a Marcus Vick type stunt on national television.

With JJ, the same can be said for him. He's just as competitive. His college basketball career just ended. JJ had a horrible game and maybe he cried also because he knew he didn't leave it all out on the court. Let the man cry if he wants. It sucks to get so close and lose. That's why teams play in the NCAA tournament. It's to win a championship and if you're a true competitor anything less breaks your heart.

Of course some athletes don't cry. Doesn't mean they don't care as much. We're all different. Adam, JJ, and surely more of their teammates just had too much emotion and had to let it out.

So take it easy on athletes that cry on national television. If those jokers can't understand this most natural human emotion, then I can only assume they have never given their all to something very important and then to be incredibly disappointed. I'm happy their life has been so free of such difficulties. The whole world isn't as nice to the majority of us.

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TIMING of the crying 
2006/03/24 at 2:52 am It wasn’t that he cried that was appalling – it was the TIMING of the crying. When Darius Washington, on Mephis, missed free throws …

Morrison showed no dignity last week 
2006/03/27 at 9:05 am If for one am sick of all the crying we see. This was not the case just a few years ago. I believe it is a sign of poor sportsmanship …

Real men don’t cry 
2006/03/25 at 1:21 pm While listening to to all the people saying that JJ and Adam “shouldn’t cry”…and “real men don’t cry”, etc. , it suddenly became …

Really enjoyed watching jj cry 
2006/03/24 at 10:26 pm What really gets me is it is just a game…like Tiger said there are more important things in life!! I really enjoyed watching jj …

He had a right to cry for J.J Not rated yet
2007/02/13 at 4:50 pm i think that he had a right to cry for J.J that ment a lot to him to win. When he lost he probility thought it was all his falut. …

JJ Reddick Has Two Heads but Uses One Not rated yet
2006/10/06 at 12:06 am ... I stood up for JJ when he cried after losing in the NCAA tournament to LSU. But here I’ve gotta say he’s a fucking idiot. …

Morrison being so competitive and caring Not rated yet
2006/03/30 at 11:37 pm I’m tired of all the crap about Morrison being so competitive and caring, thats why he cried early. Every great basketball player …

Morrison’s crying was pre-mature Not rated yet
2006/03/27 at 8:31 pm You all say that Morrison’s crying was pre-mature. I’ll tell you right now that if you had led that game by 17 points and then lost …

Adam and JJ’s successes were remarkable Not rated yet
2006/03/27 at 6:10 pm I can’t believe how some people have the courage to say that crying on a playing field is ‘not allowed’. Have these people never …

Cry after a win Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 5:16 pm I think that anyone who really has a problem with 2 guys crying after losing something they had worked so hard for should have their …

Guess what guys? Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 5:06 pm Guess what guys? Those of you who think it was wimpy for JJ and Adam to cry are just ignorant, unfeeling jerks. I would venture …

Adam and JJ get very emotional Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 4:41 pm Watching Adam and JJ get very emotional after their losses was one of the things that makes this tournament, and these games, the …

J.J. Riddick was guarded by two people Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 1:19 pm J.J. Riddick was guarded by two people. The Lsu coach said it was his plan to stop him. He was also hit, punched and tripped without …

JJ Redick is a fine college bb player Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 10:36 am JJ Redick is a fine college bb player he just ahd a very bad game. I fell if he outs is heart to playing in the NBA like he did …

Not everyone cries Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 9:32 am #17..People react differently to losing. Not everyone cries. Just like not everyone cries at really sad movies. We’re all different. …

J.J. Reddick and also Morrison from Gonzaga Not rated yet
2006/03/25 at 7:50 am I was very upset when duke lost being that I have been a duke fan since 1991. I felt for J.J. Reddick and also Morrison from Gonzaga. …

March 24, 2006 An athlete, who takes pride in what he or she can accomplish on the battlefield of competition, brings the whole gaumet of being to the …

J.J Redick is a true basketball hero Not rated yet
2006/03/24 at 11:31 pm i think that they had the right to cry! J.J Redick is a true basketball hero in my heart. You play the game to win and hopefully …

I cried like crazy Not rated yet
2006/03/24 at 8:59 pm There was nothing wrong with them crying. I know when my high school basketball team lost this year in the playoffs, I cried like …

Very poor sportsmanship Not rated yet
2006/03/24 at 8:28 pm The whole scene was definitely not manly and was definitely a poor call — he should have waited until he got into the locker room …

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