Adam and JJ get very emotional

by Margie

2006/03/25 at 4:41 pm

Watching Adam and JJ get very emotional after their losses was one of the things that makes this tournament, and these games, the best sports time of the year. Especially the Gonzaga game – that was so very close until the last seconds – I think Morrison’s reaction was pure emotional exhaustion and about as human as you can get. Anyone that thinks these guys are crybabies is nuts. I can’t imagine any more manly men than the awesome athletes these guys are and the weight they carry every day.

Actually, I have less comprehension for the athlete that appears to not show any emotion. The days when the attitude “boys don’t cry” ruled is long gone, and unhealthy and scary. As a fellow mom, I applaud the parents of these super athletes for allowing them to become the great athletes they are, and continue to show emotion. They will go far, not just for their superior talent, but for their compassionate side.

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