Cry after a win

by Bill

2006/03/25 at 5:16 pm

I think that anyone who really has a problem with 2 guys crying after losing something they had worked so hard for should have their heads examined.

As for the mental midget (Mark Obrien) that thinks that crying is “homosexual”, you should really grow up and perhaps come out of the closet yourself….you’re a disgrace to Irish people everywhere!

As for Lee’s “Cry after a win”…why shouldn’t someone cry after a loss? If you truly worked your hardest and came up on the short end, especially after thrashing the other team the whole game. Why should you not be entitled to show your emotion? It’s not like these young men started throwing chairs or punches!

As for Mr. Egolf, you really bring up a completely subjective point. There are no written guidelines for what constitutes a tragedy. It’s all in the “eye of the beholder” Perhaps losing a basketball game isn’t a tragedy for you. You’re probably MUCH older than these young players, and have thus, gone through a LOT more than they have in their lives. HOWEVER, for a college athelete (who probably hasn’t had the unfortunate lack of luck to encounter a true tragedy as you would call it), putting all your heart and soul into something that you want so much, only to watch it slip away could by some, be considered a tragedy. Maybe you should just be compassionate for these young men, instead of being jealous of the fact that they’re in a MUCH better position than I imagine you in.

I bet none of you complain when the “pros” cry when losing in the playoffs, yet you must remember one fact….pros get PAID to play. College kids play out of intense desire and love of the game.

I think if anyone should be jeered, it should me Morrison’s teammates who left him on the court and didn’t come pick him up emotionally like he “picked them up” all season with his play!

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