Adam and JJ’s successes were remarkable

by Ashley

2006/03/27 at 6:10 pm

I can’t believe how some people have the courage to say that crying on a playing field is ‘not allowed’. Have these people never played a competitive game in their life? It appears that most of these people are ‘wannabes’, whether it’s in athletics or in life. Adam and JJ’s successes were remarkable, and for you not to show sympathy towards them reflects on your character. Both of these young men gave their all this past season, with statistics and respect from several, to show it.

I’m absolutely appalled at several of these ‘fans’ of the college basketball sport. Even more than that, if Adam and JJ were reading this, I would be embarrassed to categorize myself as a ‘fan’ if I was grouped with these idiots. Best of luck to both JJ and Adam–whatever they choose to do in life–play in the NBA, be an investment banker, or sit next to Coach K on the bench…

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