Really enjoyed watching jj cry

by J

2006/03/24 at 10:26 pm

What really gets me is it is just a game…like Tiger said there are more important things in life!! I really enjoyed watching jj cry..he should have because most likely he hurt his chances in the draft..and from Duke’s history not many of their players make it in the nba. Crying doesn’t nessarily mean you love the game than the next..what it does mean is you aren’t use to loosing but can never when the big dance..and it kinda says you are a sore looser and that showed from a number of Duke players..let me not mention McRoberts resorting to flagrantly filing lsu players…get over it and too bad you didn’t win you won’t have the chance again for a while.

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Dec 14, 2010
Shove your comments right up your a$$?!
by: rob

2006/03/25 at 1:48 am

hey J why don?t you shove your comments right up your a$$?! you were probably the kid that got picked last on the playground much less a real gym?I don?t think there is anything wrong with those guys crying. They know it is a once in a lifetime thing that is happening to them and especially for them two it was their last chance. and obviously you don?t know crap about basketball because it wasn?t ?flagrantly filing? you dumb S.O.B. It is ?flagrantly FOULING? sorry about the language but guys like J piss me off!

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