Real men don’t cry

by Rick

2006/03/25 at 1:21 pm

While listening to to all the people saying that JJ and Adam “shouldn’t cry”…and “real men don’t cry”, etc. , it suddenly became clear that it is THOSE people who sound like little children…..or “babies” as they have been known to call others. You people sound like a bunch of kids on a playground “ya gonna cry?, ya gonna CRY?….crybaby! crybaby!”

In fact, ya just managed to pull me down to your level by the fact that I just called you all children. Now, on a serious note, crying is a very human. If you wanted something so, so very badly and you got really close to it, then lost it……your feelings wWOULD be hurt. And don’t say some macho bullsh** about how you would “suck it up like a man”. I’m not saying that everyone WOULD cry either, because we are all different. I’m just saying that it is in human nature to cry in a situation like that.

The so-called “manly-men” who don’t show their emotions are simply “hiding” them from everyone…..because our society has created an image that people who cry are wimps, etc. The way I look at it (again this is just MY opinion) is that the people hiding their emotions are really wimps themselves. What? You’re affraid someone will see you cry? Oh no! What will people THINK of you?

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Dec 14, 2010
JJ Red Eye should have cried after his loss
by: Lee

2006/03/25 at 1:59 pm

I?d like to respond to ?Rick? who wrote ?You people sound like a bunch of kids on a playground? referring to the people who do not feel JJ Red Eye should have cried after his loss. Let me reapeat myself, SLOWLY, just for you, Rick. Cry after a WIN ? not a loss. Be a sport after a loss and congratulate the winners. Lose with dignity and grace. Michael Jordan cried after WINNING the championship, not after losing to the Pistons in the conference finals. You don?t get more professional than Michael Jordan.

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