Guess what guys?

by Carolyn

2006/03/25 at 5:06 pm

Guess what guys? Those of you who think it was wimpy for JJ and Adam to cry are just ignorant, unfeeling jerks. I would venture to say that none or very few of you have ever competed on this level of any sport, or else you don’t have an emotional bone in your bodies. So what if Adam cryed BEFORE the end of the game – big woop. He won me over way before that with his skill and emotional play, but after what I witnessed at the end of the UCLA game, I will be an Adam Morrison fan forever.

Got news for ya – big boys do cry – especially after athletic events. Those of you who say this athlete or that athlete has never cried have not seen all the athletic events that they have ever played in. I guarantee if you had, you would have seen tears. I’ll bet if those of you are doing the most critizing would cry once in a while, you would be a happier person, a better husband and a better father. Try it; I’ll bet the ones around you will like you a lot better.

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