JJ Reddick Has Two Heads but Uses One

by The Sports Pulse

2006/10/06 at 12:06 am

... I stood up for JJ when he cried after losing in the NCAA tournament to LSU. But here I’ve gotta say he’s a fucking idiot. I think he has horrible taste in women. I’ll state it clearly that I am not a fan of Jenn Sterger. If you’re into ridiculosly disproportioned boobs, stupidity, and getting a column with SI which makes as much sense as Rosie O’Donnell writing for “Men’s Health” then maybe she’s someone you bring home to mom. Did I mention those cantelopes she’s carrying that seem ready to spew out saline at any time? They’re probably harder than the basketballs. Shaq should be complaining about those intstead of the new balls. ...

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