Bill Polian shows how much he hates the Patriots

Sounds like Peyton Manning wasn't the only one who wanted to get the Patriots off their back and finally beat them. While Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and company were downplaying the significance of the win after the game, one person let their emotions all out during it.

Bill Polian, the Colts president, seemed to want to beat the living pulp out of the Patriots. Maybe losing all the time to them brought out the Terry Tate office linebacker in him. He was sitting in the pressbox a couple row down from reporters from the Providence Journal who wrote about his behavior and comments during the game.

In a Journal notes section written by Curran and two other staff writers, Polian had his own headline "Press-box sideshow," in which his outbursts were described as pounding his fist repeatedly on a table, throwing a left hook into the air, whipping his notebook, leaping from his chair and "cursing unintelligibly under his breath."

Oh and it gets better. This was probably after a couple cold sodas and pretzels.

When the Colts scored a late touchdown to go up 40-21 and lined up for a two-point conversion, the Patriots were in the midst of changing personnel. In an effort to buy time, Belichick threw his challenge flag onto the field."There's one set of rules for him and one for everybody else," raged Polian."Just kick [the extra point]," someone in the press box suggested."Kick it [my behind]," answered Polian.

You think at the end when victory is certain he would savor and sit there with a smile on his face. I guess any game but this one.

With four seconds remaining and the Patriots hurrying to the line to squeeze off one final play in a 40-21 blowout by Indy, Colts president Bill Polian said with annoyance, "They're trying to run another play. He's going to throw another pass."And as backup quarterback Doug Flutie rolled out with pressure on his heels, Polian muttered, "Break his leg."

Break his leg?? Flutie is like 5'7''. He doesn't have much leg to break. Be nice. Plus he's like really old. Maybe you can say "Wax some of that arm hair off you hairy ape!!" instead.

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