Polian’s history as a Gm and President

by KP

2008/02/26 at 11:53 am

I assume all of you keep track of statistics, since apparently you live and breathe for football (sadly). While you are pitching your nonsense on blogs such as this one, do a search for Polian’s history as a Gm and President. Pay special attention to where each team was BEFORE he arrived in comparison to after being there for a few years. I think you will see that though he does have a temper, he is pretty damed good at what he does. If Polian’s temper makes him horrible, what does cheating do for Belichick?

As for all the rules getting changed because of Polian being on the Competition Committee, how flattering you are to assume that he is the only one with a voice. So are you saying he is so powerful he can convince everyone on the Committee to support his “self-serving” rule changes.

Wow…and these are the men operating YOUR teams. I won’t even address “ridiculous attention given to 90 year old rules that have worked fine since the beginning”. I bet you work for a municipality don’t you?

And oh yeah, how did you enjoy the Superbowl against the Giants? Did they get lucky too?

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