Polian has been on the Competition Committee

by Pete

2007/11/03 at 11:23 am

Polian has been on the Competition Committee for years. There is a reason for this.

He lost 4 straight SBs in the early 90′s, the first to a Giants team which featured Belichick as the defensive coordinator.

Polian did not like Belichick providing the blueprint, defensively, of how to beat the Bills teams.

There is a reason why so many new rules have been introduced into the NFL by Polian in recent years, not to mention to ridiculous attention given to 90 year old rules that have worked fine since the beginning.

The piped in crowd noise rumor at the RCA Dome, along with the adjustment of the dome thermostat, going far beyond NFL regulations, also are questionable tactics from Bill Polian.

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