World Cup in 1994 generated more revenue

by Brandon

2006/06/06 at 4:41 pm

I agree and disagree with this post.

I agree that soccer haters should just quietly go about their business and change the channel. You definitely don’t see people bashing other sports that they don’t like as frequently as soccer bashers hammer our game.

However, some of the posters are right. To refer to football fans, NASCAR fans, baseball fans, etc. meatheads and the like would be just as ridiculous as the soccer haters themselves.

The bottom line is this. There are hooligans in ALL sports. There are idiots all over the US and the world. Shit happens. As long as people passionately follow the sport they love and quietly ignore the sports they don’t, we’d all get along fine. Why is that so hard? Why do the Jim Rome’s of the world feel that they have to make their point when really they have no facts at all, just opinions? Honestly, great, you hate it, you don’t understand it…wonderful. BIG DEAL. Millions of people love the game and that’s just something that you’re going to have to deal with.

Here’s a point of fact for you: If American’s hate soccer so much, why is it that the World Cup in 1994 generated more revenue than any other WC Finals in history? Interesting…

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