Why Americans hate soccer?

by San Diego

2006/07/09 at 10:57 pm

Wow this is just to much. I will let everyone know why Americans hate socer but first off to answer Brandon’s question of why the World Cup in 94 made the most amount of money? Thats easy Brandon… Capitolism, i read that they were going to show games with no commercials What are you kidding me. In Socialist countries you dont get the Wall Marts Coca Cola’s and Budweiser droping 100Mil for 30seconds of advertising bliss.

Let me start by saying Soccer is for poor people, and no i dont want to hear well i like soccer and i have lots of money. That statement is just a generality. Tools needed to play socer semi enflated round ball and 20 something guys with a few hours to kill. Also i am tired of hearing they are such great athlete they run around the whole time. If that made you an athlete those guys from Nigeria or one of those other African nations that win all the marathons would have a kick ass soccer team. And as far as how they win all those marathons i ask you this question? When was the last time you had to chase down a gazell for dinner? Ya i though so.

When i watch them take a dive and fall down and hold there legs and scream in pain only to be taken off on a stretcher…you have got to be joking. Americans have to much pride to pretend to be hurt or even if it does hurt you will under no circumstances let the other guy know. Sometimes NFL players get taken out on a stretcher it is call being paraplegic. They spend the rest of there lives trying to walk again. Not go running back on the field 30 seconds later.

Alot of those countries in the Cup have no buisness playing anything. Memo to all the african nations, whatever it cost to get your teams plain tickets and those uniforms together. Save that money and try planting some more crops so my country only has to send 125 billion dollars in Aid next year instead of 125.1 billion dollars. And if you dont want to grow more food thats fine by me how about putting on a condom from time to time and help yourselves with the whole Aids thing you got going on. Psssssss ya know it is transmited sexually. While i am on that subject, nice job France way to put up a fight if you would try equally as hard fending off other countries invaiding yours, we would not have to go over there and give you your country back every time there is a problem.

Soccer in general is a slow paced boring game, imagine playing basketball on a court the size of a tarmack and then making the baskets 30ft high you dribble you dribble you dribble ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its taken away they dribble they dribble they dribble they dribble ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh got it back you dribble you dribble you dribble shoot dammmmmmmmmmiiiiitttttttt missed repeat that for 2 hrs. Soccer fans sing in the stands because they are very bored. When i see profesional athletes they are big riped and explosive, soccer players look malnurished guys try mixing in some weight training once in a while. It boils down to American sports star are hero’s, and hero,s dont pretend to get hurt, have a physique of a 12 year old girl, long hair and if they score take off there shirt and run around doing the airplane that is just all around fkn gay.

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