Where is D. Miller?

by Steve Dorris

Not a huge Cal fan but him yelling at players doesn’t bother me. Him yelling about D. Miller excites me!!! D. Miller has been the single greatest disappointment for me! He has the most skill of anyone on that court yet continues to selfishly lay under a rock and at crunch time??? Can’t even begin to describe how much I want to shake him and wake him up!!!

Liggins tries to be the guy but let’s face it, he cannot shoot. Harrelson, is well, Harrellson. But Miller? The guy has NBA potential and couldn’t be a star in the NAIA. Sorry folks, everyone, including Miller, says that is his personality!! I say it is selfish and in no way reflects a team attitude.

Review the line scores in the losses. Where is Miller? I am ready to see him benched and play Hood. At least he looks “ALIVE”!!! The guys have scholarships and they should play to honor that. I don’t think Miller does.

Leave the freshmen alone, they are performing as well as freshmen can and better! Just remember the era’s prior to Cal and be thankful of the talent we have with the freshmen. It is the underachieving Miller that has me ticked to watch UK games.

I don’t mind losing but I do mind when we don’t have to!

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