Week 11 Wrap Up

Sorry for no posts this past weekend. Went out to town with my girlfriend and made it back tonight. Lots of good and bad football happened today. Here's what I thought...

  • Thinking the Panthers would win was a bad idea. Just like the double cheeseburger, fries, and new triple strawberry milkshake at McD's in a town named Starke, FL today. Combine that with the $25 I lost makes me feel even more sick.
  • I'm proud of my hometown Jaguars. They beat a team they were suppose to beat. Tenneesee is about as bad (insert anything that's bad to you. My upset stomach is not helping my brain work. See above.) but they have always play the Jaguars tough. As a Jaguar fan, it's hard not to forget the 1999 season when the Jaguars were 13-3 and all three loses were to the Tennesee Titans. So this win combined with the Jeff Fisher story at Deadspin.com made my week as a Jaguars fan.
  • Is it almost time to get off Atlanta and wonder if Michael Vick is as superb as many think? Two losses in a row AT HOME. I wasn't surprised the Bucs made it a close game with them however.

    I remember last season when Atlanta played at Tampa Bay. Tampa had already lost to Atlanta by ten points earlier in the season. Now they were 4-7 playing at home. Atlanta was 9-2 and on a roll. They were favored by only one point. Of course most thought that was a "double the bankroll!!" type game. Too easy many thought. I fell into that trap too. Bet on Atlanta and they responded by losing 27-0. Vick looked confused by Tampa's defense that day. It looked too good to be true and it was. So I remembered that this week.
  • Does anyone really care that the Philadelphia Eagles lost again?? Does it even matter anymore?? When it's not that shocking anymore that they lost then it doesn't really matter. Any loss the rest of the season for them, which will be many, won't be as bad as Monday night loss against Dallas. That was a good ol' classic Mike Tyson uppercut. At least they can't do worse than that.
  • Tommy Maddox leads the Steelers into Baltimore...and loses. He also helped the team snapped their 11 game road winning streak. Bravo Tommy. Bravo. Start getting those suit and ties ready next season cause you'll need your old job back. My girlfriend can throw better than you. Here is a video of her throwing the football, for the VERY first time. She makes 2 out of 3 including going deep on the 3rd throw. However the fact that she did beat me in this football game, in her first try, is not something I like to talk about as a man. Beginner's luck is what I tell her.
  • When the recap on the scoreboard at Espn.com says "Patriots pick off Saints on last play to secure win", you instantly know the Patriots still aren't that good.
  • The Colts will win the Super Bowl. I'll make my pick now. I know it's not a stretch. They have a defense. When the defense doesn't perform, they can get in a shoot out. Even when the Bengals were getting close the Colts didn't falter. One bright note for Cincinnati was Chad Johnson's touchdown celebration where he proposed to the cheerleader but I wish he used on my suggestions instead.

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