This Is Why The English Premier League Is The Best In The World

We know many of you think soccer sucks, and that's fine! But, hear us out for just a few minutes and give the beautiful game just one more chance. If you've never watched the fantastic Premier League in action, it may convince you. Sure, the World Cup and the European Championships are the fields of dreams. However, if it's real competition, heartbreak and sheer brilliance you're after, look no further.

The English Premier League is the spiritual home of football, or soccer. To this day, it is still the best sports league in the world. It has everything. It attracts the best players, it has more big teams than anywhere else and it has more success. It is the ultimate arena for footballers. Nowhere is the beautiful game more beautiful. Don't believe us yet? Let's take a closer look.

The best players in the world

The English Premier League is home to the planet's most talented players. Across the globe, football players dream of walking out onto the turf of Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge. Just look at to see the big names heading to the Premier League this year. They may not all be home grown, but they all want to play in England! It just shows the level of football played in this arena.

More big teams than anywhere else

There are plenty of world class football teams. Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern Munich. Yet they stretch out across Europe and each of these names dominate their domestic leagues. In the Premier League, there are at least five world-class teams. Chelsea, Manchester Utd, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool all fight it out at the top. In any given year, any one of these teams could win. It's the most competitive league in the world.

Worldwide success and trophies

These big name teams come with a fierce reputation. Not only are they unstoppable on the domestic field, they take that fire into the bigger championships. In Europe, the best teams from every country fight it out in the European Champions League. They also compete in the Uefa Cup. The Premier League teams consistently come out on top here. The English Premier League has racked up more wins than any other league. Only Spain's La Liga comes close.


Beyond sheer success and trophies, there is a bigger reason why players flock here. It's the world famous style of football played in the Premier League. Although Brazil may have the flair and Germany has the logistical brilliance, England has it's own style. The Premier League boasts a perfect balance of style and hard hitting defence. It makes for highly competitive, unpredictable games. There is no better thrill than watching a Premier League game in all its action.

The Premier League really is the true test of a footballer's ability. If they can make it here, they can make it anywhere. It is the most competitive league on the planet with more world class players than any other. Still not convinced? We dare you to watch a top of the table crunch match and not get excited!

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