The NHLs Easy Steal Tactic

by Mr. McChristian
(Scotch Plains, NJ. USA)

It is your money pro hockey fans.

This "Easy Steal" process being utilized every few years of "locking out" is insulting and immoral. In these harsh economic times when the basic pro hockey fan and pro hockey worker can least afford it, the owners and players scan your pockets, purses and wallets to pay for their
grossly overpriced tickets, merchandise, food/drink and cable/tv fees.

You don your hockey jersey sit in front of the set
or venture to the arena to scream and "bleed" for
a few years of your game, then they cancel the
very thing that got them to this position of power
over your game.

That's right, your game.

For without you, there
is no money to fight over or no fans to paint
thank you's to on the ice when you come back.

Starting today. October 1, 2012

If the NHL throws away anymore of this season....

Yes, ultimately it's just a game. So why pay so
dearly to so few who care so little about you and

Time to take it back pro hockey fans and workers.

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