The Difference Peyton Manning Will Make in Denver

by Ben Carpenter

Tebow is out; Manning is in. This will be a huge change for not only the fans of the mile high city, but also the players. When Tim Tebow started getting consistent starts he had to adapt to Denver's offense. He is young, he had no NFL experience, therefore couldn't make the Bronco's offense a thing of his own. He had to start all over again. As everyone knows the QB position is one of the most important. They are the commanders, and leaders on offense. Well when you have a rookie doing that, it might be a little rocky, and it was. Although they won games with Tebow behind Center, you cannot possibly give the credit to Tim's experience. He is a natural athlete.

Peyton Manning in my opinion will make the offense evolve around him, and his attributes. Like the old saying goes, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". Peyton Manning is a super star hands down. He has what it takes to send any team in the NFL to the Super Bowl. So instead of Manning adapting, I think the offense of Denver will adapt to Peyton Manning's style. Denver Broncos will be a threat to the AFC this upcoming fall. I do not think there will be a doll moment in the stand point that Peyton's been there, done that, and ready to take a Super Bowl title. The only thing to it is, the receivers are going to have to step up, and make theirselves role players because honestly the RB will not get many touches.

Needless to say what RB would if you have Peyton Manning is under Center. I also think Peyton's injury will not effect his game. Yes, physically he may not be as sharp as he was, but his experience, and smarts for the game, and position he plays will overcome all.

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Jun 15, 2012
Peyton is past his prime
by: Anonymous

I do not think Peyton will be the same. Yes, he will probably get to the playoffs and win the division but I dont see more than one playoff win. Well actually, that's just like the Peyton of old save a few seasons! Lol

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