The Bengals only three loses

by Austin

2005/12/07 at 12:06 pm

The Bengals only three loses are to teams with losing records, ok. But can’t you say the same thing about some of the other top five teams? Lets start with Seattle, loss to “Jacksonville” and Washington. ok now Chicago they lost to again “Jacksonville” and Washington, not to forget cincinnati who is 9-3. Can’t say the same about carolina because they lost to teams with losing records. And what about San Diego their loses are to Dallas, Denver, Pittsburg, and Philly. Three out of Four have winning records.

Your oppinion holds no weight. Cincy is going places, farther than San Diego. Definitly farther than the bears who will be out in the first round. The only two teams that are better than the Bengals are the Indianapolis Colts and the Seattle Seahawks. Learn something and give the Bengals the “respect” they deserve. I bet your a steelers fan.

Oh yeah our defense sucks, man you are sick!!! Look at the turnovers, look at the turnover point differential. You’re crazy. Again learn something??? WHO-DEY BITCHES!!! WHO-DEY…

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