soccer is different because rules not clear

I coach soccer and still soccer sucks. between it and baseball the experience has been vastly different for me.

The general attitude of people who believe that only people that are ignorant of the game think this is wrong. That somehow any intelligent human being who understands the game must love it is wrong. not just wrong, pompous!

the subjective nature of the rules and refs make the game as unenjoyable for me as basketball and refs calling fouls. the rules are clear, the refs calls are not typically clear. it's a frustrating game to coach because I'm often left with having to tell my team to counter dirty play with dirty play until the refs open their eyes. This is why I hate soccer. It could be a very fun and enjoyable game. The exercise benefits are phenominal but the potential for dirty and spiteful play coupled with the poor reffing by inexperienced refs has made it a miserable experience for me and a dangerous experience for the kids.

I'm sorry if some of you just can't grasp my disdain.. maybe just spend a little time thinking about what I have said instead of thumbing your nose and blowing me off and you just might get it...

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