Read an article entitled…”baseball sucks”

by Ruggedstud

2007/11/06 at 10:41 pm

Gee you americans have got the biggest inferiority complex in the known universe.

In the uk we don’t care much for baseball a british sport we aren’t interested in gridiron, no matter how much you try to stuff it down our throats.

Yet not once have I opened a british newspaper and read an article entitled…”baseball sucks”.

Americans are so insecure that no one likes their sports and that they suck at the best sport one earth.

Get over my american friends, you suck at the most important activity on earth, after sex, deal with it and quit being obsessed by football.

Football has 1.4 billion participants worldwide, your sports are about as popular around the world as school shootings and kid rock.

Get over it you insecure meatheads.

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