Quite frankly

by Leissa

2006/01/21 at 11:06 am

Quite frankly, if Kendra Davis had been in my face with her condesending attitude (“breathe in, breathe out) I would have reacted more harshly than the “abusive fan.”

After doing a bit of research online, I think she has a “Holier than Thou” attitude and needs to reassess her values and her vslue to society before she raises another generation that thinks they are more deserving than others.

And Antonio’s comment about thinking Security would be too slow to react? Well, the vidio I saw clearly showed Security was already there. If Kendra would have returned to her seat and shut up, they could have done their job.

Get real people. Part of being in the public eye is behaving appropriately. The Davis’s did not and should use their downtime to reflect on the attitudes they are teaching today’s youth.

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