Odds for the next Tampa Bay Rays game

by Lisa

While the Tampa Bay Rays are not one of the outstanding favourites for this season’s World Series, they are certainly considered to be realistic contenders for it, as you can get odds as low as 16/1 on them for it. They are also considered a not unrealistic pick for the American League pennant, where they are rated around 12/1 at most sports betting sites – but their next match in the MLB is against one of the most famous sides in the league: the New York Yankees – who have odds of around 14/1 for the World Series.

Therefore, despite the far greater reputation and record of the Yankees, the match between them and the Rays this season is essentially a close encounter between two teams rated quite similarly by the sportsbooks when it comes to both the American League and the World Series. This is reflected in the fact that there is not a huge degree of difference between the sides when it comes to the odds for this game – although Tampa are rated as favourites to win, with the most popular bet on them being the odds of 11/14. For those looking to bet against the favourites, the most popular Yankees bet is at 6/5; odds which certainly indicate that they are well in the running for the match.

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