Maybe Playoffs Will Hurt College Football Overall -- not particularly the SEC

by Mo Johnson
(SEC Land)

I think the better argument is that maybe playoffs will hurt college football overall -- and therefore that will hurt the SEC (and everyone else) in the long run.

I don't think your argument that it will hurt the SEC one day because the SEC will surely one day be weaker is very good. Overall, the SEC is likely to continue to be the strongest conference so overall, it would help the SEC based on that argument. I mean, maybe this causes the SEC to simply dominate forever as all the best players continue to come to the best schools.

Why do you think the SEC will get weaker -- just because surely they have to? Not buying that argument.

But, again, yes, there's a case to be made that it will hurt college football overall because it will hurt the smaller schools who just can't compete to make the playoffs and they will lose the current luster, and money, of their bowls.

Anyway, generally speaking Southeastern Conference football fans have long despised the BCS and supported playoffs.

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