Just stumbled onto this site by accident

by Lax

2006/06/13 at 6:41 am


I’m not american – australian actually – just stumbled onto this site by accident. Despite our team getting into the soccer world cup this year, I can’t jump on the bandwagon like the rest of my country. Whats so strange is I actually played soccer for 10 years – and with a few of the guys in the world cup at the moment! (admittedly in high school).

My point is that I do say soccer sucks, for its lack of intricacies and the fact that the best team can’t win consistently. I grew up playing the game, but discovered the Aussie versions of NFL and baseball – rugby and cricket. That said, I don’t mean to degrade the sport, I’m just sad so many people are so obsessed by such a random game!

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