Jeremy Shockey's Mastercard Moment

Shockey shocked
Shockey Shocked.

Jeremy Shockey gets the premature celebration award of the year. If you didn't see the Giants vs Seahawks game I'll get you up to date. Giants were attempting a 40 yard field goal on the final play of regulation to win the game.

The kick went up and the field goal barely went wide left. The cameras caught Jeremy Shockey's reaction as he thought the field goal was good. It's priceless.

Watch it over and over again. You won't get tired of it. I'm still not. Let's hear what you think about it!

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Jeremy Shockey Cult Spokesperson Not rated yet
Jeremy Shockey is a leader on the field, but he’s also a Cult spokesperson. Tight end Jeremy Shockey, a Super Bowl victor, is the new spokesperson for …

Plain truth you are a spoiled little baby Not rated yet
2006/09/25 at 8:09 pm You poor bastard,you really are as stupied as you look! Now that you hurt yourself after last nights game with seattle i will bet …

Eli Manning and company Not rated yet
2006/01/08 at 10:42 pm ... Welcome to the NFL playoffs Eli Manning and company. Now hurry and leave before any remembers the big fat goose egg …

You guys are all jackasses Not rated yet
2005/12/30 at 10:17 pm You guys are all jackasses. Shockey is one of the BEST tight ends in the game, having another career year. Anyone with their head …

Hillarious!!! Not rated yet
2005/12/30 at 7:37 am Hillarious!!! Granted, I am a raised Seattlite, so the ‘Hawks win was gratifying enough…but so much more so now that I see this. …

Coaches doing it to Not rated yet
2005/12/30 at 2:14 am what a moron. I was at that game and he wasn’t the only chit for brains. There were coaches doing it to. I couldn’t believe he missed …

Just got finished watching the browns Not rated yet
2005/12/30 at 12:34 am hahahaahahahahahahahahah……i just got finished watching the browns get kicked (again) that day and i turned that on a little later …

Can’t stand that punk Shockey Not rated yet
2005/12/29 at 9:59 pm Can’t stand that punk Shockey. BS, for him having a good game, that TD ctch was crap his foot didn’t touch the ground and he got …

The people on this message board are comical Not rated yet
2005/12/29 at 3:44 pm Yes he looked stupid in this clip, but it wasn’t that big a deal. So he pointed at a camera, big’s not like he ran to the …

I can’t stand Shockey Not rated yet
2005/12/29 at 3:19 pm I can’t stand Shockey, but did someone say Witten!?!? I wouldn’t even call him the 7th best TE. Way below Gonzalez, Crumpler, Heap, …

I don’t know what Shockey did Not rated yet
2005/12/29 at 2:04 pm I’m a Patriots fan (yes I’m from Boston). I don’t know what Shockey did that makes people hate him. He is a great tight end and …

Chad Johnson is on a touchdown drought! Not rated yet
2005/12/12 at 12:12 am ... Chad Johnson is on a touchdown drought! We all know that because we haven’t seen a new celebration. I have not been …

wreaks with corruption Not rated yet
2005/12/03 at 3:38 pm WOW!!….that game @ SEA relly wreaks with corruption. With the league admitting being wrong and fining the SEA orginization for knowing …

u would love shockey  Not rated yet
2005/12/03 at 11:45 am Like that one guy said u would love shockey if he was on ur team and if u don’t remember he had a great game 10 catches 127 yds. …

Stepped up and won something Not rated yet
2005/12/01 at 1:49 pm yes it was funny, and yes they did lose but where was Philly’s hotheaded loudmouth of a ball catcher? oh yeah that’s right on his …

Richie Cunningham aww shucks Not rated yet
2005/12/01 at 11:40 am These are moments that are very special and that one will be a classic for years to come! See if you can pull up the clip of …

Why are these guys millionaires? Not rated yet
2005/11/30 at 1:59 pm Just another fine example of sportsmanship in the USA. Let’s get real here. If these guys had half an education, we wouldn’t see …

Shockey is a tool Not rated yet
2005/11/30 at 1:02 pm we all have known that Shockey is a tool. I lost all respect for him when he got that white trash tattoo of a bald eagle and the …

Shockey is good enough Not rated yet
2005/11/30 at 12:55 pm Say what you will, but I love Shockey. Only Shockey is good enough to back up the things he says and does! Bet you wish you made …

Jeremy and the Giants Not rated yet
2005/11/30 at 12:45 pm Not a Giant fan but am a Falcons fan. Jay is just Jay, unreliable in the clutch. Don’t worry Jeremy we suffered through Jay’s crap …

Cowboys fan Not rated yet
2005/11/30 at 8:32 am I’m a die-hard Cowboys fan and i cant believe feely missed 3 game winning field goals but made me happy and seeing this video will …

Did the kicker get fired yet? Not rated yet
2005/11/30 at 6:35 am Unreal. Talking about counting your chickens before they hatch. If you look at the video closer you will see in the background Shockey …

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