Jeremy Shockey Cult Spokesperson

Jeremy Shockey is a leader on the field, but he’s also a Cult spokesperson.

Tight end Jeremy Shockey, a Super Bowl victor, is the new spokesperson for Cult Energy Activator, an all-natural energy beverage. The campaign, featuring Shockey, launched January 5.

The contest guidelines established by Cult feature taking a photo of the entrant with one of the many life-sized Shockey cutouts with a Cult, visiting the energy drink’s fan page on Facebook at, “liking” the page and submitting their picture for viewing.

The contest winner will receive dinner, an autographed jersey and football and a year’s supply of Cult Energy Activator, all delivered by Shockey.

The winner of the first-ever Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Award in 2002, Shockey has earned four Pro Bowl selections in his career and received a Super Bowl ring with the Giants in Super Bowl XLII and with the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV.

He was a good fit for Cult Energy Activator, the energy drink uniquely based on natural ingredients. The drink, which can be used to combat exhaustion and mental or physical weariness, lacks Taurine and is instead powered with all-natural Guarana caffeine. It is also available in an All Natural Stevia sweetened version.

“Cult helps me keep my focus and physical edge without Taurine, and it’s all natural,” Shockey said.

Due to the drink being made from natural ingredients, it’s found to be safer on the body. Of course, like all energy drinks, Shockey’s motivation isn’t completely steeped in the healthiness of the product.

“It keeps me going as hard as I can, on and off the field.”

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