It’s amazing how many people are anti-soccer

by Licinio

2008/05/02 at 11:10 am

It’s amazing how many people are anti-soccer. But it’s not difficult to determine the source of this trend. Of all the so called “soccer sucks” websites posted on the www one thing that you will find is that the majority of the negative comments and insults published about the sport of soccer are in fact from Americans.

Perhaps bastardizing the name of the sport by calling it soccer so that they could use the name football for their own American sport is where the problems all began. I’m sorry if I ofend any Americans with this post, as that is not my intent. However facts are facts, and this is simply my take on the matter.

Like everything else Americans do they want to be best in the worldwhen they do it. Unfortunatley Americans never really did excel in the sport of soccer and lagged in comparison the their European and South American counterparts. So in true American tradation, if you can’t beat them…bash them. Instead of increasing their skill and becoming a more competitive force through the conventional methods of practise, hard work, and disiplin, it’s much easier to try to discredit the ones who are obviously better.

They say soccer is a whimpy sport. Lets see, 90 minutes of running non-stop, getting kicked in the chins for an hour and a half, and constantly jumping up and down getting hit in the head with the ball. Not exactly what I call whimpy. When you compare that to the likes of American Football, Hockey or Baseball (hahaha Baseball) it’s not exactly less physically demanding.

Hockey, a player who gets 20 minutes of ice time per game is considered a work horse. They play for 4 or 5 minutes then sit for 10 minutes.

American Football, very demanding. BUt when you get a break every 15 minutes and it takes 2-3 minutes between plays when they are on the field, that is hardly physically demanding. Sure they get knocked around and tackled, but with all the equipment they wear it’s not as bad as it looks. (AMerican Football is also a bastardized version of Rugby) They took the sport of rugby, made it almost nerf-like then took the name football and made their own sport. Am I the only one who finds that Ironic?

Baseball, hahahaha enough said.

So call it what you will, but soccer is the world’s sport and the beautiful game for a reason. So the next time you see an American complain about the game of soccer don’t get upset. Just turn the other cheek and fell bad for them, because pitty is what they truly deserve. Poor little things, they want the biggest sport on earth to be theirs. That’s ok at last they have President Bush…..

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