If you dont like it then just shut up

by jesse

2006/07/05 at 6:24 pm

if you dont like it then just shut up i dont like baseball but im quiet about it and i understand every part of the game i would have more of a right to say it sucks thant people who say soccer sucks and have never played it alot of americans say oh theyre always falling and acting like they got hurt first of that happens in alot of sports in basketball players draw fouls and take a charge for a result in football a wide receiver might just let his arm go so they could call a pass interference but to say that that soccer players are pu$$ies is stupid ive seen alot take dives but ive also seen alot take hard hits remeber they dont wear pads OR cups dont say sh!t if youve never gotten kicked in the ankles with metal cleats or got elbowed in the ear reason why most soccer fans get mad when someone says they dont like soccer is because is usually followed by a because it sucks or is for girls it just insukts them
peace, jesse

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