I hate those who think soccer sucks


2008/06/15 at 10:24 pm

I am an american and I hate those who think soccer sucks. Soccer is the poor man’s game. Almost most of the pro’s and people who play the sport are poor. For most poor people the club and country national team they support are the only koy in life. Americans think it is a rich sport because of rich suburban spoiled rich kids who think soccer is a sport where thay don’t get hurt.

Also they don’t like soccer because immigrants play it the most. Most yanks hate immigrants because they are arrogant and stupid. If it’s not anglo-saxon it’s no good. Also its funny to see fat unathletic people in baseball and most in american football to be called athletes. I just laugh when people say baseball and amercian football are world champions.

The World Cup is a truly international event. It is bigger than the Olympics. Also, its bigger than the super bowl, NBA finals, and world series put together. Football players are one of the most recognized people in the world and the entire planet watches the sport except the USA.
Futbol is the best sport and it will always stay that way.
Vamos Xeneixes

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