I hate soccer

by Tony

2006/06/08 at 12:18 pm

First, I hate soccer. I don’t know why. I understand it (mostly), I just hate it. Not because it is boring…I love golf and baseball (though I do understand the thinking behind these two sports). I don’t hate hockey even though I’m originally from L.A. and have no business caring about hockey. I even liked hockey before I moved to Minnesota. I don’t hate hockey even though I don’t understand the strategy at all…if there is any.

Second, the World Cup time is the DUMBEST time to rip soccer. I actually watch and follow the World Cup and can admit I like to do so. The competitive spirit there is something deeply missing from too much of the NBA, NFL & MLB. At least the losing teams in soccer still try and try hard.

Third, that Pioneer Press article is written by an idiot. Please don’t mischaracterize the rest of Minnesota for that idiot.

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