How does Florida’s run to the championship compare with other teams

by Brian

2006/04/03 at 12:11 pm

I’m just curious, and I haven’t researched it at all, but how does Florida’s run to the championship compare with other teams. Let me clarify, Florida played South Alabama to open. They then played Wisconsin-Milwaukee (11th seed who upset Oklahoma). Next, they played Georgetown (7th seed upset of Ohio State). Finally, they got their first real test from 1st seed, Villanova (who limped through the tournament, despite winning games).

Finally, Florida had to go through 11th seed George Mason. Seems like they had what could be the easiest road to a championship in NCAA history. Like I said, I haven’t researched this at all, just laying out the facts. I’m a huge Gator fan and lived in Gainesville my entire life, so I’m not trying to knock their accomplishments at all. It’s just after all these years of coming so close in all sports, I’ve learned not get to my hopes up.

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