Half of the UK population actually like Soccer

by Martin

2007/10/11 at 6:23 pm

I am English and have had Soccer rammed down my throat all of my life. In reality under half of the UK population actually like Soccer yet it is constantly on our TV screens in the UK. When I go out at weekends there are 10 + football pitches standing idle for everyone in use. Soccer is the original armchair sport. Sport England (a Government body) surveys show Soccer seventh in the league of participation sports in the UK.

Apparently Soccer players run four miles in a game and we are supposed to be impressed. I am an old fart and I can run four miles in thirty minutes. Low scoring games are statistically games of chance – one mistake by a defender and a goal is scored and often the lesser team wins – what sort of sport is that. In reality I like all sports but Soccer is well over cooked.

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