Good ol’ Fashion Tebow-Bashing

by Keenan Donath

The mainstream media is often too timid or image-conscious to discuss the role that skin color plays in the perception of an athlete. Tebow is interesting because he defies the white quarterback stereotype. His game is not totally dependent on throwing. This falls into the category of a black quarterback. In no way would I ever pigeonhole a quarterback’s skills because of his color. These stereotypes have been proven wrong time and again, especially this year with Luck and Griffin. But Tebow’s combination of inaccuracy and dependency on the run puts him in a class of quarterbacks that were more sideshow than effective.

But wait, hold on their buddy, ol’ Timmy Tebow won a playoff game. The fact that the 2011 Denver Bronco team got as far as it did goes to show how football is a team sport. A good quarterback increases your chances of success, but it isn’t everything. One quarterback from recent memory that was a dual threat and had the ability to win games was Vince Young.

I recall many a football analyst putting Young’s god awful passing statistics aside just in the sake of his ability to win. Yeah his career win percentage is abnormally high, but where is he now? Sure, Tebow’s character seems to have a lot less flaws than Young’s, but character is an overrated intangible. Tebow is unlike the raw young football players in the past who proved successful. Tebow is not like Tom Brady when he came out of college even though Brady was more pretty boy than elite QB back in the day. It appears that Tebow has hit a point where his accuracy cant improve. You can only undergo so many fixes to your mechanics before you just have to say, “I give up.”

Remember Peyton Hillis? You know, the guy on the cover of Madden, the guy who wrecked at least one team in every fantasy football league in existence. Oh I forgot to mention he is white. He had one 1000 yard season. One! And it wasn’t some Jamal Lewis 2000 yard season it was only like 1200 yards, which is respectable, but not close to deserving all of the praise and the Madden cover. Hillis didn’t even deserve the Madden curse. The best thing about him is his nickname (The Albino Rhino). What does this have to do with Tebow? Everything! It has everything to do with Tim Tebow, because they are both white and overrated.

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