ESPN analysts are picking UF to win

by Benny

2006/04/03 at 1:48 pm

Well UCLA beat Memphis, LSU, and Gonzaga all who were seeded 1, 3, and 3 respectively I believe. They have had a tough road to get where they are now.

The Gators did have a cakewalk through the first two games. Georgetown was a team many thought would beat Florida with their size. Villanova beat the Gators last year in the tournament with bascially their same team. So I wouldn’t say too easy.

You can’t discredit George Mason by being a #11 seed. By the final four I think all seedings should mean nothing. George Mason beat quality teams from the so called major conferences. Then they beat the team favored to win the whole tournament. Even when they gave up a game tying 2 pt to go to OT, they did not back down.

I’m the same boat as you. I’m scared that all the ESPN analysts are picking UF to win. They’re the same ones that picked UCONN and every other team that’s not in the tournament anymore.

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