Emmitt Smith is the King of Dancing

Laugh all you want but I watched the season finale of "Dancing with the Stars". It's not that bad. Who could resist a match up between Emmitt Smith and AC Slater?

Back when the show started, I predicted Emmitt would make it to the top 3 after the first show. After the second show, I went even further to say he would win it and I'd even put money on him to win. I just had a feeling he had a strong presence that would reach out to the judges and the audience. Plus that large black man could really dance. My only dancing credential is that I've watched music videos on MTV.

I was correct. Emmitt did take home the trophy last night and deservedly so. I did ending up wagering and won. Though I watched the first two episodes, I stopped watching until the last two. This isn't at must watch American Idol level for me. I did need to see some horrible D list celebrities try to dance between the beginning and end.

The final was worth of space on my TIVO and it did not disappoint. Emmitt, in his freestyle dance, performed to the music of MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This". He did the running man and the typewriter. That alone deserves many votes from MC Hammer.

In the end, Emmitt won and he said it's right up there with a Super Bowl victory. Laugh all you want but to do something you've never done before, turns out to be one of the most physically demanding and technical, and end up as a champion is a pretty rewarding feeling.

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