Don't Let Amateur Replacements Destroy the Season

by Frederick G. Conners
(LaPorte, Indiana)

Please PAY THE MEN! I don't want amateurs destroying my Pro football season. I know my Bears lost to the Pack Thursday because our O-line had a bad game but the majority of the Replacements (I refuse to call them Ref's) bad calls, and there were a lot of them favored the Pack helping them to the 13-0 lead that put the Bears in a bad spot and letting GreenBay T-off because we had to play catch up.

I am not saying we would have won with the Pro-Ref's but I know it would have been closer and maybe a Victory. So now I feel cheated as a Fan, and I don't think I am the only one out there that feels this way or will feel this way sooner or later.

In the main article on this page , How do you figure they top out at 20 games a season? They still work preseason last I checked. So thats 4-5 preseason games (HOF) 17 regular season weeks and 4 rounds of Playoffs. So they can work up to 26 weeks on the top end which doesn't include weeks in the offseason of film study and rules updates and now medical awareness training.

These guys are pros! We are seeing you get what you pay for with the Dysfunctinal mess that is out on the field over these first two NFL weeks and the preseason. It is effecting the integrity of the Game with not only the high number of Blown calls, missed calls , totally wrong calls. It's also the amount of time these guys spend conferencing about the calls, the extra length of time spent on the reviews and they are so bad they can't even get the replay calls right! The communication to the Crowds and the Fans on TV is just Comedic.

C'mon Goodell you have the wealthiest Sport in the World and the guys that are lowest on it's payroll you can't settle with to keep the product on the field at top quality? Pay the Men! This is like running Wall Street with freshmen finance students. And with the Bounty gate debacle it's no wonder you've been hiding. Any other season you are plastering you face across the tube and spouting out every chance you get.

Roger....YOU'RE FIRED! Well You should be anyway!!

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