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With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, some of us are still enjoying Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. However, the recent Discover Fan Loyalty poll revealed that almost half the college football fans would take free tickets on the 50-yard line to see their favorite college football team over Thanksgiving dinner.

Football and Thanksgiving has been a tradition for my entire life, but I'm not sure that I would take free tickets on the 50-yard line to see my favorite college team over Thanksgiving dinner, I'd rather just enjoy my dinner and watch the game at home with my family. But the poll revealed that 42 percent of college football fans would skip their family festivities to watch their favorite team play, but the majority of fans would elect to stay home, as 55 percent of them said that they'd rather be at home with their family.

When the poll was broken down by conference, it's not surprising to see that the majority of the fans that would skip their family festivities were fans of college football's most dominant conference, the SEC, as 46 percent of the fans that said they would skip dinner were from that conference. Going to see SEC football for free would be a treat, as 7 teams in the South-Eastern Conference are ranked in the top 25 (Auburn 3rd, Alabama 4th, Missouri 5th, South Carolina 8th, LSU 15th, Georgia 22nd, Texas A&M 24th).

In an additional poll, college football fans were asked what their favorite Thanksgiving day food was, and the answer wasn't a surprise, as 48 percent of them voted for Turkey. Other foods people voted for were Stuffing (20 percent), Pie (9 percent), Mashed Potatoes (7 percent), and Cranberry Sauce (2 percent).

To me, Thanksgiving day has always been more synonymous with the NFL than it has college football. However, going to see any football team play on Thanksgiving probably would never be an option for me, as I would have 11 other opportunities to see them during the season, and I'd rather stay home and be warm than go out and freeze.

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