Covered up

by Buffalo Wolfe

2007/01/26 at 5:54 pm

Benny-I understand your concern that this was “covered up”, since any time law enforcement does something that is unethical it causes a lot of problems, namely, it erodes the public’s faith in the law enforcement community. With that being said, that door swings both ways good sir…cops often lie in order to get search warrants and convictions instead of cutting someone slack, like they apparently did in Vick’s case. This happens all the time. Celebrities also get special treatment all the time…just look at how Willie Nelson was let go by cops in Arkansas when he was caught with weed AND mushrooms.

My point is that just because some high and mighty agency says that something is wrong, doesn’t make that policy right. And when they choose to not enforce their own polocies, like they apparently did here, you can’t really argue with that premise. If you want to believe that the law is always right, go ahead. But it’s not. We change the laws all the time, for better and worse. The criminalizing of marijuana is one of the biggest policy blunders in US history…when Nixon decided to do so because he wanted to stifle his opponents, who were hippies who hapened to smoke the stuff.

I say that this is no big deal, it’s just something for arm-chair quarterbacks can gossip about. If you want to focus on someone who is breaking a law that matters, focus your anger on the NFL for not paying their retired players who are disabled the insurance they are owed. That is a real tradegy, not Vick trying to sneek weed on a plane. Please.

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