Bulldog fans are classy people

by BeachGaBulldog

2007/02/12 at 12:56 pm

You are an IDIOT! I have always hated the Gaylosers, and I always will. Bulldog fans are classy people. You and your asshole Gayturds ARE THE MOST OBNOXIOUS LOSERS on the planet. I like every other team in the SEC except your shitty school. I would rather have a good team with classy fans(My DAWGS) rather than a good team with loser fans with no class like you Gaytwats.

You and your fans walk around with your nose up in the air, and you think that your shit doesn't stink. Who made you people God? There are plenty of uneducated redneck country bumpkins in Florida so look at your own kind, and besides that Florida drivers are the worst on the planet, and Florida people are the stupidest on the planet. So F*** OFF LOSER!

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