You Are Sick

by Lynn
(Akron, Ohio)

LeBron and the Heat will win a ring this year in spite of wackos like you and other idiots who live in Ohio. That's where all the HATE is coming from, you nutjobs whose professional teams SUCK to the highest degree of sucktiity!

He was here in Cleveland for 7 years and Gilbert didn't build up enough talent to help him out. That's why the Cavs collapsed when LeBron left--totally fell apart because HE WAS THE TEAM for 7 long years. You and your fellow crybabies who make up crap to hate this young man who is a fine person in every other way, are really sick. The lead story on the news in Cleveland Thursday night, after the Heat won, was a reporter interviewing a bunch of wackos in a bar who are rooting for the Thunder...

Obama was in Cleveland that day, Romney was in Ohio that day, other things were happening in Cleveland, and all of Ohio yet the News saw fit to make Lebron and the Heat the lead story. LOL what a bunch of fairweather fans he had here. I'm SO GLAD he left--he was nuts to have stayed as long as he did--you ingrates didn't appreciate the 7 years he gave ya anyway.

GO HEAT!!! GO LEBRON--you so deserve it.

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