Worse Use of a Stretcher at an NBA Game

The worst acting award in the history of the Minnesota Timberwolves goes to the fan who got hit in the face with the ball thrown by Kevin Garnett. Wait let me added biggest loser and biggest sissy.

KG lost his cool in the 3rd quarter after a foul was called on him. He tossed the ball into the crowd towards the end line. He didn't throw like in dodgeball when you were trying to get the fat kid out. He tossed it like you would a piece of trash into a garbage can. Instead it hit trash.

The fan reacted slowly to the ball hitting his face. No blood coming out. Then he appeared to look hurt when an usher came over. Maybe his fat ass hurt from sitting on it with all that lard around his belly. KG comes over to apologize and the fan looked disinterested at the apology. The worst part is that he got taken out on a stretcher. Maybe his hemorrhoids were flaring up. It was so fake the home crowd booed him as he was leaving. A fan sitting behind him described what he saw.

"It wasn't real hard," Zenk said Asked how he felt the fan reacted, Zenk said: "Overreacted. ... You know, I kind of figured the Oscars were next week, but I don't know if the nominations are all in. He played it up."

I'm being mean because it's not right. He had his little daughter with him and, unless he's truly hurt, he's showing a horrible example. Unless the ball ruptured a brain aneurysm, he can take some Flintstone vitamins and feel fine. It's not a cracked MLB bat flying into the stands at full speed. Or a metal chair tossed in the crowd. Players all the time go into the crowd to save loose balls and inevitably fall over fans. They've probably been hit harder than this guy.

On a Minnesota sports radio message board they've been taking shots at this fan. What they're saying...

That toss was softer than something from Johnny Damon or Lenny Dykstra out of center field. The guy probably told his daughter sitting there he would buy her a new pony if she whipped up some tears.

If the guy tries to sue KG , Garnett should at least be able to throw the ball at the guy's face before it goes to trial...

Honestly can u even get a concussion from a ball going that fast? I've been slammed in a car door and didn't even get a concussion

The guy should be used to having balls hit his face. What a sissy.

I hope that guy sues, so we all know his name... he loses his lawsuit--pays a ton in lawyer expenses--then goes bankrupt. And the stupid guy manages to let a ball hit him and not block when he has his daughter in his hand???

The fan did not speak to the media afterward. KARE 11's Charles Gonzalez spoke with the owner of those seats, who said his friend was doing fine. He will go to the doctor Monday as a precaution.

Gosh...I really hope he's okay. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him. Jackass.

Highlights from the Game [ESPN.com]

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