Will we ever see Mayweather vs. Khan?

It was recently announced that Floyd "Money" Mayweather will face Marcos Maidana on May 3rd. Despite asking fans to decide the bout, who unanimously chose British boxer Amir Khan as their preferred boxer to face Mayweather, the undefeated boxer chose Maidana – a fighter that Khan had beaten in 2010.

So will Khan ever the get fight against Mayweather that he so desperately craves? Fans with a betting streak will certainly be waiting in anticipation. If you enjoy the odd sports flutter 32Red has the widest range of online sports bets available. You can even transfer your winnings over to your 32Red casino account and try your luck with other games such as online casino and poker.

It now looks likely that Khan will face Mayweather's protégé Adrien Broner on an unconfirmed date. Mayweather recently took to Twitter to say the victor of that bout will get to face him after he's done with Maidana. Now there are two reasons why this doesn't mean Khan will fight Mayweather. First and foremost Broner is no shrinking violet, he's one of the best welterweight boxers around and with just one loss in 28 fans he'll be no walkover for Khan. Broner himself could actually pose more problems for Khan than Mayweather would, with 22 knockouts in his 28 fights, Broner packs serious power. Anyone who follows boxing know that questions remain about Khan's chin, too often is he floored in fights, and with someone who packs a punch like Broner the Bolton fighter may not get back to his feet. It will be some feat for Khan just to beat Broner.

If Khan is to overcome Broner, he's still not guaranteed a fight with Mayweather, who as we all know can go back on his word. How many times have we seen both him and Manny Pacquiao trash-talk one another?However, when push comes to shove nothing comes of it, a bit like that online vote, Mayweather went back on that. "Money", like all boxers in fairness, goes with the wind, one day it will be Khan the next it will be retirement.

Some boxing analysts are of the belief that Mayweather may actually be ducking Khan. Both boxers are point's winners; they lack the required punching power that is necessary to knock an opponent out. This is the point analysts are quick to point out, Khan has a weak chin but Mayweather lacks the power to hurt him too much, and when it comes down to hand speed Khan comes up trumps. Of all the boxers in the world at the minute, Khan is the only man who has the skillset that could end Mayweather's perfect 45-0 record, a record that he wants to take to the grave with him.

What's more, due to the apparent mismanagement of Khan by the Mayweather team, the Bolton fighter has said the chance is gone and that he doesn't want to fight Mayweather now. How truthful this is remains to be seen, but if Khan is serious then we may never see the two square off, evoking memories of the Pacquiao/Mayweather rivalry, all talk and no trousers.

It's would be a shame if these two don't fight. The whole of the boxing world want to see it and if the pair of them both win their next fights then they have to face each other, otherwise they are doing a great injustice to the boxing fans around the world.

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