Why You Need To Go Paddle Boarding This Summer

by Emily

A must for any thrill seeker and sport enthusiast: paddle boarding. For those who are not in the know, paddle boarding is a surface water sport, that is not too dissimilar from surfing. Imagine a hybrid of canoeing and surfing and you will almost be right. Paddle boarding is standing on quite a large board, on the open water and paddling yourself with an oar. It sounds a little bizarre, but once you get into the sport, you will be instantly hooked. Paddle boarding is not for the faint hearted and certainly requires an immense amount of skill and practice to perfect. It is the perfect sport for those willing to try their hand at anything and also for those who are up for a challenge.

Stand up paddleboards date back to the 1950s, when the ultimately cool Hawaiian surfers would teach their students how to surf correctly. It seems that when it comes to water sports, the Hawaiians have always had the edge.

Paddle boarding has become something of a celebrity phenomenon in recent times, and due to this has become something of a viral sensation within popular culture. Many people are heralding paddle boarding as the ultimate in fitness, and this claim is possibly why so many celebrities have taken the sport into their hearts.

The great thing about paddle boarding is that there is relatively little pain and impact on the individuals body, meaning that you can get fit while not having to think about getting fit. Which is a plus in anyone's book! It seems that the paddle boarders mantra is that they have fun while completely changing their quality of life. After all, who does not want to be involved in a fun sport that tones their body?

The combination of both balancing and paddling improves core body strength and is fantastic for toning both arm and leg muscles. Aside from this, it is great fun. According to the experts, just 30 minutes of paddle boarding is the equivalent to several hours of regular surfing. With a bold claim such as that, no wonder people are flocking to participate in the sport. That said, with such great fitness benefits comes the difficulty of achieving both the ability to balance and the ability to paddle, on water, at the same time. theoretically, it sound easy enough but think about doing this sport on the open seas. That is where the difficulty factor comes in!

More sound advice from the experts state that if you feel like the board is going past the paddle, then you are doing it right. Typically, you can expect to go at roughly 7 miles per hour, although depending on the choppiness of the water, this can be doubled. That said, you would not want to go too slow, it is all about the need for speed for thrill seekers.

Why not get involved in paddle boarding, it seems that all the right benefits are there. Take up an interesting new hobby and get fit in the process.

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