Why? When other people need it more.

by Dylan Gravedoni
(Halethorpe, MD)

It's hard to think about a player making millions upon millions of dollars to play a game. When everything boils down, it's just a childhood game. Yet, we have players that hold out for more millions.

Many people in the U.S. do not have a source of income while players can holdout for more money. This seems greedy to me. I currently am out of a job, and just looking at the league minimum looks great to me. It's funny that a player signs a contract to play, and they can say "oh I want more money so I'm just not going to play." It doesn't make sense to me. If you went to your boss and said I am not going to work until I get a raise, he/she would fire you right there, and any real person would say the same thing.

These players need to get off their high horse and realize how lucky they are to have a great job, because I will speak for many of us. I wish I had a job.

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