Week 10 Wrap Up

Some observations from Week 10

  • On Joey Harrington's Christmas wish list this year is to play the Arizona Cardinals ever week. Maybe on a list of ten gifts they fill up all ten spots. He started because the Lions had no choice. But when he throws for 231 yards and 3 TD's you wonder if it's him or if it was the defense. I don't think Rafeael Palmerio signed up to be his personal coach since he's out of a job. Okay he got his big receiver, Roy Williams who caught all three TD's, but he still had to make the throws. Congrats to you Joey.
  • Did you see the wind blowing in Chicago today? Did Hurricane Zeta form? All toupees were banned from the stadium. If not you have to turn to ESPN or any sports news to see how hard it was blowing. I have never seen anything like that at a football game. Living in Florida I've seen hurricane force winds but I tend not to gather up friends to go play some catch when the wind is blowing 80 mph with flooding and flying wood all over the place. But in Chicago it was blowing around 40mph. I read about the wind but when they showed a highlight of the game and the first FG attempt, it was a good thing I wasn't eating chips and washing it down with Kool-Aid. It was a hilarious sight to see. The ball looked like it should have been a whiffle ball thrown with a hard curve. It bent that much to the right. The second best thing to come out of the game was the longest TD in history. A missed 52 yard FG by San Francisco allowed Nathan Vasher to catch the ball in the end zone, hesitated and then sprinted out 108 yards later for a TD. If he was running into the 40 mph wind you have to add like 40 yards to the record because that isn't easy to do.
  • The Vikings are the first team to ever knowingly book a sex cruise but they also did something today that's never happened before. They were the first team in NFL history to get touchdown returns on a punt, kickoff, and an interception. Their offense didn't do any scoring except for a field goal. Guess the offense didn't score much on the boat either.
  • New England won today but before the bandwagon starts to fill up again stay off it. They beat the Dolphins today. Close till the end. Miami had a chance to tie it up at the end but failed on 4th down. New England has been one of the most inconsistent teams all year. They have alternated wins and losses all season. So if they keep this up they will beat (all on the road) Kansas City, Buffalo, NY Jets. They will lose to (all at home) New Orleans, NY Jets, Tampa Bay, and Miami. Keep that in mind and if it happens say you saw it here first.
  • Breakout the champagne in Jacksonville! Players celebrated like they won the playoffs after the game! The Jacksonville Jaguars went nearly four years without scoring 30 points, an NFL record streak that players and coached had grown tired talking about. Okay I know no one cared. Not many knew about that streak outside Jacksonville but that's about the only interesting thing that happened in that game cause they played the Ravens. Oh yeah it was Kyle Boller's first game back after being out with a toe injury (LOL). He must have had a great time off cause he threw 3 interceptions today. Thank you Kyle from Jaguar fans.
  • Seattle put a whooping on St. Louis today to beat them for the second time this season. They are in clear control of the NFC West. Maybe in the Super Bowl for the NFC. But not so fast my friend! Don't look now but San Francisco will come up on your heels. I feel they're going to go 7-0 the rest of the season. Okay far fetched. San Francisco might not win seven games the next three seasons combined.
  • Michael Vick meet Brett Farve. He can throw the ball. You still can't and you couldn't win today. Be prepared for the media to get on you about it…again.
  • Best game of the day was Tampa Bay vs Washington. Thank goodness FOX showed that game in my area so I wasn't stuck with the tutorial by Atlanta about how to lose at home when you're suppose to be a Super Bowl contender. Oddsmakers thought this was going to be a low scoring game and had the over/under total points at 34. Well the first half had 34 points and the second 37 points. That's how exciting this game was.

Finally if you ever see this lady, run..run fast and don't ask questions. She's got a gap in her front teeth and a big butt. If you didn't see her on "Trading Spouses" last week then you need to watch it when it re-runs. She is officially the craziest lady on reality TV. Hands down. You know how Verbal in Usual Suspect says "Keaton once said, 'I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him.' Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze". Well this woman believes in God and wants everyone who doesn't to get out of her house. Well if she believes in God and is going to heaven, then send me to that other place.

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