We Want More College Football. Not Less You Idiots.

College football's decision makers got what they wanted by speeding up the game. To most fans, the ruler makers got it all wrong.

While we're excited that college football season has commenced, if this past weekend's football games seemed shorter, they were. An average of seventeen minutes shorter! We waited eight months for the season to begin and of all the changes they came up with this was one. We want more football and they're trying to take it away. Who will complain about a 3 and a half hour football game? Even 4 hour??

To recap for those who are unclear about these rules changes. The clock starts on kickoffs rather than when the receiving team touches the ball and, after a change in possession, restarts as soon as the ball is marked ready for play rather than on the ensuing snap. Kicking tees were shorten to limit the number of touchbacks.

All this adds up to less offensive plays, less possesions on offense, less scoring, and less fun. The college kids will barely have enough time to sober up during the game. Walk on third-stingers aren't going to have as much time to play in blowouts. A team driving 80 yards down the field for the game winning field goal with no time out and 45 seconds left on the clock is going to have less of a chance. If your team is on defense that's going to make you happy but it takes out a lot of suspense on that final drive to what we love about football.

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach doesn't agree with the new rule.

"I just think it's dumb to shorten these games that have been a perfectly good length for years and years," Leach said. "We talk about football, football, football, and we do all we can to have less football."

University of Florida coach Urban Meyer seemed more agitated by the rule...

"I'm not sure of the intent [of the rules]," Meyer said. "I'm going to get involved in the offseason. I did a bad job as a head football coach at a premier place of not being more vocal. If it doesn't get in the way of recruiting and my family I'll go nuts on it and try to get it back," Meyer said. "I don't like it. I don't like it at all."

Why mess with something that was working fine? I don't remember any talk of needing to speed up college football. Do you? Remind me if I missed that burning topic. Maybe Major League baseball yes. We don't need 3:30 baseball games every night of the week. Not college football when our favorite team only plays 12-13 games a year.

If they want to speed up the game, I have a great idea. Cut down the number of commericals and stoppage during the game. Yeah I know that's never going to happen but don't try and shorten games by reducing the play clock.

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