We Should Have 2 Teams Per State

by Big Dawg Dave Ogle
(Commerce, GA USA)

I think we should get 2 teams out of each state. That would make a good 20 teams. The only thing is who would you get out of Louisiana & Arkansas. Louisiana Tech? Arkansas State? We already have most of the instate rivals.

How about this: Louisville & UK, Tennessee & Vandy, South Carolina & Clemson, Georgia & Georgia Tech, Florida & Florida State, Alabama & Auburn, Ole Miss & Mississippi State, Texas A&M & Texas. The state of Texas is full of schools, and I am not so sure Texas would jump since they are the reason A&M got out of the Big 12. I would think TCU would be a good fit since the SEC could use the Dallas area market and recruiting area. "How about them apples? "

I know what you're saying about Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech, (or even Tulane) but whoever joins; those schools will become greater than what they are now. We might need some more Vanderbilt like teams. We cannot have all powerhouse teams; otherwise, we might have a 8-4 team going to the BCS every year. Our teams already beat each other up each year.

That proposal can be adjusted. I am sure that won't fly, but we do need an eastern team to make an even 14 teams. My choice would be either Georgia Tech, Clemson, or Florida State. That would be sweet!

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