We All Want a Quarterback With a Laser Rocket Arm

That's what it takes to be 8-0. Listening to Manning during the press conference, I swear if you sat him down and had him go through every single offensive play and the result in order from beginning to end he could. His brain soaks up football. He has such a knowledge during the game that he knows where every receiver is. More importantly he knows where the defender is going to be...most of the time.

The most anticipated game of the season did not disappoint. After seeing each offense trading touchdown for touchdown in the 1st half, it started to look like a game of whoever had the ball last.

Then the second half was much uglier. Only one touchdown and three field goals to go with three missed field goals. Lots of Tom Brady interceptions as well. I think Minnesota it showed just truly that bad last week (plus they lost 9-3 to San Fran). Some of those were tipped but others were just to the men in white. Five turnovers by the Colts defense really made the difference tonight.

After all that New England was only down a touchdown with the ball minutes left in the game. Brady moved to the ball to the 40 until he threw another interceptions. Theme of the night.

What the hell is Adamn Vinatieri doing missing two field goals? If Mr. Clutch says coming back to New England wasn't mentally distracting he's lying his ass off.

Ben Utecht is my favorite Colts player for the night. He's got a cool last name that you cannot rhyme with anything else. He also had some clutch catches to keep drives alive.

Last week the Vikings supposedly had a good run defense. So New England came out throwing all night. The Colts have a horrible run defense so I expected the Pats to come out running with Dillion and the homie Malroney. Plus it keeps Manning off the field. Instead New England decided they had to get into a shoot out with them. But I'm not a Super Bowl head coach with 3 Super Bowl rings and no fashion sense.

How about that horrible spot on a 4th and 1 play? Big play right before half time. No way Tom Brady got his body one yard, let alone the football which was tucked against his body. We all saw it at home that it was not even close to being a first down but the referee who made the call far far away from the ball had a better look than we I suppose. I think he thinking about the hooker and Smirnoff Ice in his hotel room after the game. Brady made it meaningless by throwing an interception a few plays later.

Marvin Harrison turning his body and tipping the ball with one hands and bring the ball in for a touchdown while dragging both his feet was so worth a taunting penalty to go up 24-14. He rarely spikes the ball. I don't think even Bill Parcells would have yelled at him for that.

New England were the bullies for so many years but now Manning and the Colts are 2-0 in the last two years. It's not out of the question to see both these teams playing again in January. Most likely in a nice comfortable dome. Still it's the playoffs and Manning gets cold feet when he hears that words.

Will the Colts go undefeated? No way. To play at a high level week in and week out is not going to happen in the NFL. Especially when you come into town and get the other's team best game to dethrone you. A look at their upcoming schedule I see one team that might give them their first loss. At Jacksonville Jaguars on Dec 10th. Should have won at Indianpolis earlier this season and even dominated in the time of possession and yards. Jaguars at home are a different monster than on the road. If they get past the Jaguars they should cruise 15-0 going into the last week of the season to play the Miami Dolphins on Dec 31th. It can't be scripted any better than that.

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2006/11/06 at 3:22 am colts could very well go like 12-0 or so, clinch the division, and sit some guys and pick up a meaningless loss. you know they’ll …

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