Wade had drank 64 beers

by Benny

2006/04/18 at 9:47 am

I just Googled it and the rumor was he drank 64 beers on a flight from Boston to LA. The rumor started when someone held up a sign at College Gameday that Wade had drank 64 beers. A year later PTI interviewed Wade and he denied it was 64 beers. He wouldn’t divulge the number but just said “It was a few Miller Lites”.

It sounds like it had more to do with boredom on a cross country flight than superstition. I’m sure he drank his butt off though.

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Dec 13, 2010
great post, benny
by: The Big Picture

2006/04/18 at 5:07 pm

i got the same thing Walker has except with the #5. take a look at my post times at my site. every one ends in a 5. pretty fucked up, but mabye i could be friends with larry.

great post, benny!

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